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The Gig Slut Chronicles Vol. 2: March

Join BandWagon once more as we spend another month breathlessly attempting to keep up with the GigSlut – London’s freewheeling, live music addict (and Freeganism spokesman) – on his daily gig hop uncovering what’s hot, and what’s 10 minutes out of date.

3rd March

Right! I’ve had enough of this screen gazing! Gonna go into my neglected garden to eat my almost cremated ciabatta. But first, my report:
Went out last night to say hello to Lindsay Murray, hosting and playing with Hypnotic Eye at 333, who I’ve seen recently and so have to catch up with other bands – he knows the score.

Went on to see HoldKissKill and Lola Colt at Heroes courtesy of Symptomatic Presents, and very good too! Nice to see Velvet Vespa, Kendra Frost and Beth Rettig and (eventually) the ever reliable R68 Bob.

4th March

Forgot to say I saluted an old friend the other night – a Routemaster original -the sort I went to school on.

Last night I wended my way to The Old Blue Last for Savages. I was most delighted by serendipity on the way there when I spotted Linda Jarvis, of Echo Lake. Have to see them again.
I was very glad to see and chat (shout) to Sukie Smith (of another top band, MADAM) and James Alexander (No One You Know) who was there on my recommendation, apparently!
First band Sheen, did not blow me away, but then Savages were so good. The place was rammed and it was a job to get out.

5th March

Last night was nearly disastrous for the Gig Slut. I got cold and wet and it took me two and a half hours to hear any music. Luckily, I heard most of Katie Annie Eve‘s set and then heard Russell John Swallow. It helped that Annie gave me some of her whiskey and roast potatoes. I gave up on the idea of going on to Proud for the Valkarys, since I bumped into the jokers who did the “Is Roger Going?” T-shirt. Left at 23.05 ‘ish and got the last Piccy line train to H’Smith, talking to Belinda on the train and doing the Guardian quiz with her. Munched my emergency freegan giant smarties.

8th March

Last night Anna Lena and Like Spinning were playing, and I so enjoyed it all.

I left at 23.15 for the 243 bus sprint, and nearly got run over. Went freegan shopping. There appeared to be no food until I looked round the corner where I found Sir John, holding court and surrounded by sandwiches.

10th march

Mother is 92 today. I will be gigging at risk of her stabbing me to death – I took the precaution of hiding her bayonet. My present to her? A Dignitas voucher and single tkt to Switzerland.

Went for 21.00 to see Tall Poppies, Cellophane Flowers and Lilies On Mars-all bands I love to see, hosted by my ever- welcoming friends Dorothee Leidl and Steve Hicks. The Gig Slut was most pleased to be there!
Chatted to lovely Francesca Corradini and the negatively handsome Luca Napolitano. but abandoned plans for Old Street – even The Gig Slut has to take it easy sometime and just do one gig.

12th March

Last night went to The Lexington. First band I liked a lot: Le Volume Courbe. Then Hall of Mirrors – very nice set, thanks, Jessica Winter !
Last band did not inspire me, so left at 22.35. Picked up a “Nuts ” magazine on the bus. I thought it would be about feeding squirrels, but found instead it featured ladies whom I would have wanted to sail away from The Titanic on. That’s on, not with.

15th March

Last night, Dear Reader, having taken a migraine tablet which kills before it cures, I went to The Slaughtered Lamb to see Jess Roberts and George Frakes. They did a short but sweet set. I kitted out George and Joe Kelpie with jackets. Then on to The Karamel Music Club for Jade Indiana Hopcroft and Victoria Symptomatic, and then Ana Silvera, All very impressive indeed.
The 190, dear George (learn this!) passes through Chalkers Corner. There, we passed the R68 waiting to turn right, driven by none other than R68 Bob, so I was lucky indeed – 20 mins extra kip. Home 01.15 not 01.35 !

17th March

Which jacket to wear tonight? I only wear certain ones if it looks like rain and it does! I do have a new “Gaddafi” type one but wet wool and the consequent feel and smell…

Ah, Mother’s Day tomorrow. Got her a Triffid and I’ll sharpen her stabbing bayonet for her to use on me.

Decided on The Buffalo Bar courtesy of Lee Puddefoot, thank you! I love this venue. I very much enjoyed Field of Wolves and then Perhaps Contraption.
I was offered a lift home but funnily enough I got in later than I normally do!
Like 02.30!

Easy to forget all the behind the scenes dismantling of the venue that happens when all us punters are normally gone on our way. I hope my bus drivers aren’t worried about me getting home as they didn’t see me!?

21st March

Last night The Gig Slut hit his probable gig of the month, purely on the basis of rarity value. Like someone from abroad, or in Karima Antoinette Francis‘s case, Blackpool! An excellent gig by someone you can’t get enough of. Support from L.A.Salami and Jonah Maddox was good too. Soundman Joe Kelpie did his normal top job, and I loved it all. All put on by the always good Pull up The Roots club at The Slaughtered Lamb.

25th March

Last night I went to Hernia Hill to see Owl Service for their last show. Very enjoyable. I then went on to fulfil a promise to try to see my friend Sarah Gill playing with Straylings at The Garage. Dear encouraging Francisco Gomez said I couldn’t do it, but The Gig Slut will ALWAYS try. Made it in time to hear 10 minutes, but10 minutes watching a friend’s band is infinitely better than a whole set from an average band.
Checked out Tesco’s as I was near – still open, no good !

29th March

Last night dear fan, I did the 4 gigs. Went first to see Zoe Wren At Folkroom. Well done for running on time, Stephen ThomasBen Walker.
Then I popped down and caught Josie Lloyd, at The Strongroom, very nice indeed Josie!
I then went to the booked gig for Memoryhouse at Cargo. Frankly not overly impressed, but that’s how it goes. I went back after and made a new friend, Nina Baxter, who has actually heard of The Gig Slut blog! Sensational news, Maria Hayden !

Managed to get to Richmond where I caught the jolly old R68, the driver of which was quite happy to relieve me of 3 packs of sandwiches. Home 01.10!

Roger’s top acts of March:

Josie Lloyd
Lola Colt
Golden Fable
Karima Francis
Cold in Berlin
Echo Lake
Ana Silvera/Jade hopcroft

Adventures by The Gig Slut (Roger Mairlot)

Edited by Robert Neumark-Jones

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The Gig Slut Chronicles Vol. 1: Feb

Join BandWagon as we spend a few moments walking toe to toe with The Gig Slut – London’s freewheeling, live music addict – as he hops from gig to gig uncovering what’s hot, and what’s 10 minutes out of date.

3 Feb

Excellent set from Trailer Trash Tracy’s at Rough Trade last night. Moved on
to Shacklewell Arms for Evans the Death, and then on to Aces and Eights to
see Bleech acoustic. Really good. Talked too long, and was lucky indeed to
get the last R68 piloted by Sam – my chauffeur, as I was the only passenger. I
spouted forth on the lack of toilet facilities on my various routes!

6 Feb

Last night I missed the train, but eventually got to the Garage Upstairs for the
very enjoyable Gemma Ray, and also the oddly named Brian Olive. Think he
should choose a band name. Left about 22.50 and ‘shopped’. Got a bag full
of tuna and chicken sandwiches (for my mum. Fran and I are veggies, if you
didn’t know), and tidied up the pavement where some idiot had dropped food.
Decided to go home by as many buses as possible. So, got a 4, 55, 73, 10,
190 and the good old R68, piloted by George who thinks I’m crazy. Home

7 Feb

On the train I asked a guy to take his feet off the seat. He did so, and went
to give me 50 pence! Still, it’s a start to the gig fund! Went courtesy of
Jude McArdle of Club Fandango to Bull and Gate for Bleech’s tour warm-
up gig. Red hot set, I enjoyed chatting to the band and supplied one jacket
to Katherine, as I like to do for my friends.Very nice to see Maria Jeanette
Hayden too.

Time ran away as Neil Anderson knows, and I realised I needed to get to the
old Blue Last to see Charleston. They were pretty good but I never really like
to see laptops on stage.
Left at 23.00 and shopped. 24 bottles of pressed apple juice. Met another
freegan and swapped some bottles for bread rolls.

13 Feb

Tonight: The Wheelbarrow to see The Cellophane Flowers. Really good set
featuring the elegant Francesca Corradini, and the inelegant Luca Napolitano
and Nick Guy! Then to Leicester Sq. for my final gig, Grace Solero busking!
Seen her 3 times in stations, gotta see her at a venue sometime! X

16 Feb

Went last night to worship at the feet of Anaïs Mitchell, in the quirky
surroundings of Westminster Reference Library, courtesy of Will Rees
for whom I still have to find a jacket. Anaïs as wonderful as ever. Top
American singer in my book and I’ve heard a few. Fitted her with a Royal
Tank Regiment jacket. Left at 22.45 with poster, set list, and CD! Fanatical
obsessive? Not a bit of it.

17 Feb

Last night I went to hear my friends doing the Kilcawley brand of country folk
at The Gladstone. Third time this week with uncouth idiots at quieter gigs. It
was like a rugby crowd had stopped off – no interest in music, just pouring
beer down their throats. That and sitting downwind of the toilet was a bit off-
putting, but Damon and Rabouhi rose above it.

19 Feb

Yesterday went to Union Chapel to see Anja McCloskey, My Glass World,
and Sunday Driver. Liked first and last most.
Home to wash, feed cats, eat, then out again to Roundhouse Studios for
Skinny Girl Diet, Drop out Venus, Chapter 24 and History of Apple Pie. All
bands excellent. Realised half way through Drop Out Venus that I knew them
but as Rough Kittens. Top notch!

Home 00.55. A hard afternoon’s daynight.

20th Feb

The Gig Slut strolled up to The Lexington for the excellent Psychedelic
Sunday featuring Hall of Mirrors and Hypnotic Eye with Lindsay Murray.
Excellent sets by both bands.

21st Feb

Just got in yesterday to see Ladyhawke. I must hone my entry skills, climbing
fences is not a good idea at my advanced age. Went on after to The Social,
where instead of me spotting the stars, they were spotting me! Viv Albertine,
Lianne La Havas and Anna Waldmann, whom I always like to see. Enjoyed
The Cry Baby’s set.

Met old friends and new ones, all courtesy of Symptomatic Presents and
Simon Haithwaite to whom thanks be given. Gave up the idea of getting to
The Old Blue Last .It’s nice to socialise at The Social.

24 Feb

Enjoyed Savages at the Queen of Hoxton. So good, all of them: Fay Milton,
Ayse, Gemma Thompson the guitar wizard, and the ever stylish Jehnny Beth.
Underground Railroad were delayed, and thus made to rush, and possibly
lose fans who had to get home. Anyway, I bitter-ended it, and eventually
got home by 02.10. I have been in this situation many times, standing there
listening and calculating/pondering possible routes home. It spoils the
enjoyment somewhat, but my advice is: if the band are playing well and you
know and like them, then STAY. Sleep when you’re dead.

29 Feb

Last night The Gig Slut went out, after delivering sandwiches, to The Windmill
for Teta Mona, whom I love to see. Made it to the Victoria, Dalston to see Arthur Beatrice. Not blown away but liked the last 2 songs. I’m glad Brer Ruthven and Joana Peccatus enjoyed it or I’d have felt bad!

Left at 23.15 with Brother Gomez, sprinted for a 243 and shopped.
Got a big bag of sandwiches and had 7 takers on the train, very unusual,
except one person who looked at his watch and said the sandwiches were out
of date – by 10 minutes!! I nearly stuffed his face with them. What an idiot!

Roger’s top acts of Feb:
Drop out Venus
Emma Gatrill
Anaïs Mitchell
We walk on Ice
Hypnotic Eye
Dignan Porch
Underground Railroad

Adventures by The Gig Slut (Roger Mairlot)

Edited by Robert Neumark-Jones

If you would like The gig slut to attend your gig, email