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BandWagon Partners with Focus Wales


We are delighted to announces our partnership with Focus Wales for all UK artist submissions.

FOCUS Wales is a 4 day annual festival taking place in Wrexham each April, which places the music industry spotlight firmly on the emerging talent that Wales has to offer the world. FOCUS Wales 2015 will mark the festival’s 5th birthday!

BandWagon is the UK’s leading live gig booking platform, supporting the very best emerging music in the UK. The platform is free for Artists and Promoters. With 11,000+ Artists and 700 Promoters, BandWagon is committed to providing the very best opportunities in a simple, transparent and inclusive way.

Apply to play Focus Wales here:

The closing date for submissions is: 12th December 2014

Bands on the Road – The Boobytraps

Leicester 4 piece indie outfit The Boobytraps have opened the year with 2 storming gigs in London & Leicester so far & have plenty more on the way including festival slots up & down the country.

The band who formed late 2007 played a hometown gig at Leicester’s O2 Academy in support to other local legends The Screening. A further O2 Leicester outing is on the cards in support to Kav (ex Happy Mondays)

The second gig of the year was a more intimate affair at Soho’s Spice Of Life, however the band played to a packed venue, this was the bands 3rd gig outing to the capital. Amongst the audience, and specially invited, was a member of the organising team for Mallorca & Ibiza Rocks who was impressed enough to invite the lads over as VIP Guests during the summer gig season. Needless to say, some of the band members will be heading over in July to see their neighbours Kasabian play at both the Mallorca & Ibiza Rocks venues.

The band have further planned London shows at The Shoreditch & The Bowery (Ballyhoo) where they have invited several booking agency personnel to come along and see them live.

The Boobytraps have a busy summer ahead with some 23 gigs between now and the end of August, appearing at several festivals along the way including A Lost Weekend ( alongside Toploader, The Blockheads, The Hoosiers & Dodgy) – Solfest together with KT Tunstall, Billy Bragg & Big Country & The Y Not Festival with The Pigeon Detectives, Reverend & The Makers & The Wombats.

2012 has seen the band step up their game & are certainly ones to watch. Find them at:

The Boobytraps

The Gig Slut Chronicles Vol. 1: Feb

Join BandWagon as we spend a few moments walking toe to toe with The Gig Slut – London’s freewheeling, live music addict – as he hops from gig to gig uncovering what’s hot, and what’s 10 minutes out of date.

3 Feb

Excellent set from Trailer Trash Tracy’s at Rough Trade last night. Moved on
to Shacklewell Arms for Evans the Death, and then on to Aces and Eights to
see Bleech acoustic. Really good. Talked too long, and was lucky indeed to
get the last R68 piloted by Sam – my chauffeur, as I was the only passenger. I
spouted forth on the lack of toilet facilities on my various routes!

6 Feb

Last night I missed the train, but eventually got to the Garage Upstairs for the
very enjoyable Gemma Ray, and also the oddly named Brian Olive. Think he
should choose a band name. Left about 22.50 and ‘shopped’. Got a bag full
of tuna and chicken sandwiches (for my mum. Fran and I are veggies, if you
didn’t know), and tidied up the pavement where some idiot had dropped food.
Decided to go home by as many buses as possible. So, got a 4, 55, 73, 10,
190 and the good old R68, piloted by George who thinks I’m crazy. Home

7 Feb

On the train I asked a guy to take his feet off the seat. He did so, and went
to give me 50 pence! Still, it’s a start to the gig fund! Went courtesy of
Jude McArdle of Club Fandango to Bull and Gate for Bleech’s tour warm-
up gig. Red hot set, I enjoyed chatting to the band and supplied one jacket
to Katherine, as I like to do for my friends.Very nice to see Maria Jeanette
Hayden too.

Time ran away as Neil Anderson knows, and I realised I needed to get to the
old Blue Last to see Charleston. They were pretty good but I never really like
to see laptops on stage.
Left at 23.00 and shopped. 24 bottles of pressed apple juice. Met another
freegan and swapped some bottles for bread rolls.

13 Feb

Tonight: The Wheelbarrow to see The Cellophane Flowers. Really good set
featuring the elegant Francesca Corradini, and the inelegant Luca Napolitano
and Nick Guy! Then to Leicester Sq. for my final gig, Grace Solero busking!
Seen her 3 times in stations, gotta see her at a venue sometime! X

16 Feb

Went last night to worship at the feet of Anaïs Mitchell, in the quirky
surroundings of Westminster Reference Library, courtesy of Will Rees
for whom I still have to find a jacket. Anaïs as wonderful as ever. Top
American singer in my book and I’ve heard a few. Fitted her with a Royal
Tank Regiment jacket. Left at 22.45 with poster, set list, and CD! Fanatical
obsessive? Not a bit of it.

17 Feb

Last night I went to hear my friends doing the Kilcawley brand of country folk
at The Gladstone. Third time this week with uncouth idiots at quieter gigs. It
was like a rugby crowd had stopped off – no interest in music, just pouring
beer down their throats. That and sitting downwind of the toilet was a bit off-
putting, but Damon and Rabouhi rose above it.

19 Feb

Yesterday went to Union Chapel to see Anja McCloskey, My Glass World,
and Sunday Driver. Liked first and last most.
Home to wash, feed cats, eat, then out again to Roundhouse Studios for
Skinny Girl Diet, Drop out Venus, Chapter 24 and History of Apple Pie. All
bands excellent. Realised half way through Drop Out Venus that I knew them
but as Rough Kittens. Top notch!

Home 00.55. A hard afternoon’s daynight.

20th Feb

The Gig Slut strolled up to The Lexington for the excellent Psychedelic
Sunday featuring Hall of Mirrors and Hypnotic Eye with Lindsay Murray.
Excellent sets by both bands.

21st Feb

Just got in yesterday to see Ladyhawke. I must hone my entry skills, climbing
fences is not a good idea at my advanced age. Went on after to The Social,
where instead of me spotting the stars, they were spotting me! Viv Albertine,
Lianne La Havas and Anna Waldmann, whom I always like to see. Enjoyed
The Cry Baby’s set.

Met old friends and new ones, all courtesy of Symptomatic Presents and
Simon Haithwaite to whom thanks be given. Gave up the idea of getting to
The Old Blue Last .It’s nice to socialise at The Social.

24 Feb

Enjoyed Savages at the Queen of Hoxton. So good, all of them: Fay Milton,
Ayse, Gemma Thompson the guitar wizard, and the ever stylish Jehnny Beth.
Underground Railroad were delayed, and thus made to rush, and possibly
lose fans who had to get home. Anyway, I bitter-ended it, and eventually
got home by 02.10. I have been in this situation many times, standing there
listening and calculating/pondering possible routes home. It spoils the
enjoyment somewhat, but my advice is: if the band are playing well and you
know and like them, then STAY. Sleep when you’re dead.

29 Feb

Last night The Gig Slut went out, after delivering sandwiches, to The Windmill
for Teta Mona, whom I love to see. Made it to the Victoria, Dalston to see Arthur Beatrice. Not blown away but liked the last 2 songs. I’m glad Brer Ruthven and Joana Peccatus enjoyed it or I’d have felt bad!

Left at 23.15 with Brother Gomez, sprinted for a 243 and shopped.
Got a big bag of sandwiches and had 7 takers on the train, very unusual,
except one person who looked at his watch and said the sandwiches were out
of date – by 10 minutes!! I nearly stuffed his face with them. What an idiot!

Roger’s top acts of Feb:
Drop out Venus
Emma Gatrill
Anaïs Mitchell
We walk on Ice
Hypnotic Eye
Dignan Porch
Underground Railroad

Adventures by The Gig Slut (Roger Mairlot)

Edited by Robert Neumark-Jones

If you would like The gig slut to attend your gig, email

Industry Professional #1 – The Promoter

BandWagon decided to talk to Patrick Power about the role of today’s promoter.

Patrick is the booker and promoter at Power’s Bar. Power’s is a live music venue on Kilburn High Road, London. Hosting nightly live music from the best up-and-coming bands but also from established acts including Laura Marling to The Undertones – It continues to be at the forefront of London’s new music scene. They NEVER host ‘pay-to-play’ gigs.

BW: What is the role of a music promoter?

PP: My main role as a promoter is to ensure that the venue I work for has a quality line up of live music every night of the week. I’ve got to ensure the bands I book are bands that draw a crowd and won’t clear the venue when they play!

BW: How does the promoter/artist relationship work?

PP: Basically, the promoter and artist have to discuss what will work best for both the band and the venue. Most venues will like to have bands on as late as they can – the later, the busier the bar – but most acts will want to catch the last train or get back to bed! It’s finding a meeting point half way, making both parties happy, that is the most important part.

BW: If a band or artist wants to get a gig, how should they set about doing it?

PP: The most important thing for bands looking for gigs is to have a good web presence. The first thing promoters will look for is their tracks online, so bands need to have a Facebook page or website with mp3s or Soundcloud link. My advice for bands would be to go out and get a good demo recorded as soon as they can. Having good mp3s online is crucial. Also, think twice before putting a price on your EPs – having a free EP will get your music heard by at least 10 times more people than if it costs money!

If you can’t get the money together for a good demo, get a good quality live video filmed. That way, promoters can get a good feel of your onstage energy and presence.

BW: What do you look for when you book artists for your shows?

PP: Generally, I look for local artists to play the venue. It works best for venue, and for band. Lots of bands from the Midlands and the North like to play London, but playing in your hometown where you know you can pull people, often works out better than long and costly trips down to play empty venues in the capital! For the venue’s point of view, having really good local bands means having more local fans coming, and raising the chance of them coming back!

BW: What advice can you give artists who are just starting out?

PP: I think for the first couple of years in a band, the focus should be on getting tight. Don’t put your focus on ‘making it’ – put the hours in and practise as much as you can. Bands that play together as much as possible will develop together as musicians. That said, try to space your gigs out cleverly. There’s no point in playing three London gigs in a week, they’ll all be empty. If you do a gig a month (or less), then there’s more chance of getting your friends down for it.

BW: What advice would you someone looking to start promoting?

PP: Start by getting a night going at your local bar or live music venue on a weekday. Try and get similar bands to play, bands that suit each other. If the venue lets you, try have it free entry. That way you can get more people down, and the more people that are at your gigs, then the more likely you are to be given a Friday or Saturday slot in the future. It can be quite disheartening if your nights are empty all the time, but keep at it, it’s a fun job!




BandWagon Bands – On the road..


Its 2012 and BandWagon have decided to kick off a blog section of the site. The blog will aim to bring industry news, interviews, educate and also follow our bands progress from grassroots to greatness!

We have begun by introducing our new ‘Featured Artist’ Marner Brown who have given us a vignette of their start to the New Year and highlights of 2011.

The band have been back in the studio since the start of 2012 working on new material after a rather hectic touring schedule last year. Highlights included playing the Main Stage at Frequency Festival in Austria with the likes of the mighty Kasabian, The Electric Picnic in Ireland (playing on the Salty Dog – an old pirate ship wreck in the middle of the woods!), Guilfest, in Guilford, Solfest in Cumbria, and touring around the UK from Essex to Edinburgh (two places we have a lot of love for!). Looking forward to getting back on the road in 2012 with Bandwagon – some great plans in the mix at the moment – we’ll keep you informed…

Marner Brown (

Marner Brown – Jealousy