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6 Tips to Help Your Music Video Fly Online

One of our Bandwagon bloggers is a Online Music PR and Digital Marketing, and shares with you some tips to help set your music pr campaign on fire.  Today, she talks about your music videos.

Music videos are great for introducing a band to a journalist and new fans. They can give you an additional wave of coverage online, open you up for premieres on sites and allow you to control how you come across to the audience.  So here are some of my tips to ensuring your video works it’s magic in the online world.

1)    Be true to the band, and your visual identity.  If you’re investing in high end artwork, follow through on the video. It might seem painful to invest in it, but you’ll get more out of it. It needs to be communicating the same as the rest of your artwork.

2)    Ask yourself what you need to achieve with this video. Are you new or established?  Is this video helping to position you as an artist? Do you want the members of the band to become more known at this point and therefore appear in the video?  Or are you established and going in a new direction?  All manner of things should inform your video choices. Your PR will always be thinking about the end goal so it helps if you do as well when planning your video.  Think about where you want the video to be shared online, and work this into your strategy where possible.  Your video is a key online tool that can make all the difference for a PR to help build your presence.

This example from Kyla La Grange is a good example of points 1 & 2.  It sets the tone of her music and her image, but also shows enough of her to establish viewers know who she is too.

3)    Include a narrative, however simple.  Sometimes we get videos that don’t go anywhere, there’s no story or artist and in the end, they look like adverts.  Even a video in a grimy basement of a band playing is still saying something about the group and their music and, when done right, can be really entertaining.

Example – the latest Kaiser Chiefs video is simple but has a narrative you follow. You’re waiting to see what happens.

4)    Don’t forget the impact of social networks and the shareability factor.  We all know people like to share online on social networks, and that means you reach more people, and therefore more new fans… it’s simple but key.  A good video will be shareable, and 1 shareable video can help launch your campaign (although having more is obviously better).  A poorly made video makes this unlikely.  There’s no formula to this, but at the very least, be ready on all networks when your video is launched into the world to encourage fans to share (by being nice to them and saying thank you).

Example – this Kodaline video for ‘All I Want’ helped launch their career because so many people shared it.

and who can forget this?

5)    Deliver your video on time.  You need your video whilst the track is relevant, because that is your window of opportunity to smash it and get your music out even further. Often, videos aren’t ready in time – with re edits, and video directors notoriously over running (especially when it’s your very talented mate).  My advice is to start your video as early as possible. You practically can’t be too early but you can very quickly be too late.

6)    Pay your video maker – even if it’s mates rates, after all they are artists too. Also, it makes it clear who owns the video.  If you have a fantastic video, the filmmakers are going to be very proud of it and want to share it around asap. However, this can cannibalise the impact it has for your campaign and any premieres you might get. So make sure they know who is in charge, and paying for the service is a strong start.

If you have any campaign questions or need advice on how to make the most of your PR campaign and online presence, get in touch with the BW team at !