PledgeMusic CEO Explains How They Can Help Musicians

PledgeMusicLast week we announced our partnership with PledgeMusic.  Many of you have signed up, but others wanted to hear more about the service.  So, we cornered Dave Hackett the CEO of PledgeMusic to answer some questions about how it’s going to improve your music career.
1. What is PledgeMusic and why is it useful for emerging artists?
PledgeMusic is a direct-to-fan music platform, which enables artists to sell their recordings and experiences directly to the fan, while retaining all their publishing rights.
PledgeMusic brings artists and fans together to share in the experience of music as it happens. Our approach incorporates the best elements of crowdfunding and pre-sales and is held together by the PledgeMusic community of music lovers.
Fans share in the creative music making experience and gain access to exclusive content, engagement and interaction with their favourite artists in return for their pledges. PledgeMusic is more than downloading a track, more than a transaction. We bring artists and fans together like never before.
2. Before embarking on a PledgeMusic Campaign, what should artists be considering to ensure it is a success?
Artists should consider their engagement with their fans. The PledgeMusic team will advise the artist on how best to use social media and the PledgeMusic platform to create a great and successful campaign.
3. How is Pledge different to other crowd-funding platforms, for example, Kickstarter?
We are hands-on and always provide a personal service. We work tirelessly to make sure an artist is fully prepared, organised and ready to create the best campaign, product and experience for the artist and their fans.
All PledgeMusic sales are now recognized by official chart companies around the world including the OCC and SoundScan and can account for a significant share of first week and overall chart sales.
PledgeMusic fans are some of the highest spending music fans in the world. The average pledge is now $60. A significant percentage of fans spend in excess of £500/$800 per transaction. The highest individual transaction to date was £25,000. 90% of Front Line campaigns succeed.
4. How can artists leverage their live fan base to increase the success of their campaigns?
An artist should provide behind the scenes access to their fans through the PledgeMusic updates feature, so the fan can experience how the music is being made.Asking fans for their opinion on song choices or album art is very engaging. Artists should always create experiences and products that their fans would love to purchase.

5. Is the Pledge platform an alternative to the traditional label funded model?
An artist can now create their own album and be financially independent before being approached by a label or before the artist approaches the label. Some Labels are now offering ‘Label Services’ deals to artists who have achieved this, in order to help promote and market the album after the release date.
6. Do the Pledge team provide support before, during and after the campaign?
The best thing about the PledgeMusic team is that they will work with the artist from the creation of the campaign until the campaign is completed to ensure both the artist and fans are happy.
PledgeMusic provides manufacturing, fulfilment and merchandise advise services to ensure the artist can create a successful campaign.

6. What has been your favourite campaign to date and why?
PledgeMusic launches hundreds of great campaigns every month so it is hard to choose. I thought that the Reverend and the Makers campaign was great. They played free gigs in the homes of their fans. The SevenDust campaign video is very good. Slash asked his fans for their opinion on the album artwork and this created a huge response.
7. How do BandWagon artists get started with Pledge Music?
BandWagon artists can sign up online here  or call PledgeMusic at 0207 781 2310.
Convinced?  LEARN MORE here.

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