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A Beginner’s Guide To Artist Liaising

By Emma Griffiths (@emmagriffiths86)

Last Wednesday I gave up my BandWagon duties for a day in the life of an ‘Artist Liaison’. Don’t be deceived by the glamorous sounding title, the role entails anything from delivering pizza to babysitting.

The event was DeLooze’s ‘Lost Army’ Single Launch. The venue was the Islington Assembly Hall, a space full of character and fantastically big speakers. My boss for the day was Mark, the charming yet (understandably) stressed looking manager of the band in question.

He introduced me to Sasha, (my fellow liaison) a singer-songwriter from London. We then met DeLooze, who promptly introduced us to our first challenge: a one-year old baby.  As the band sound-checked we gave the poor baby a rendition of all the nursery rhymes we could remember. Thankfully she was soon reunited with her musician mum and we moved onto band-sitting. All of the artists playing that night (Death Rattle, Heart-Ships, and DeLooze) were charming and professional, making our task an easy one.

Anticipation grew as the venue, complete with bespoke DeLooze photo booth, a magician and geisha-like dancers, was finally guest-ready. Timing had been our main priority of the day, and getting everyone on-stage at the right time was of highest importance.  At 9.30pm DeLooze took to the stage in front of a buzzing crowd, playing a theatrical set climaxing with the brilliant ‘Lost Army’.

At the end of the night support band Heart-Ships told us how happy they were with the show and how well they’d been treated. Definitely a satisfying experience that I’d recommend as a stepping stone for anyone interested in a music career.

Photographs (except for photobooth) by Joe Seller (@josephseller)


Q&A with Mark Stein – DeLooze’s manager

1) How much time went into the planning of the event?

We hired the venue in May after the original venue fell through. We decided to promote the event ourselves to retain maximum artistic and financial control. Over two months we picked everything including the venue, support acts, production team, and schedule of how the night would run, and what other entertainment we could bring along to make the night a real show rather than just your normal stagnant, run of the mill London ‘gig’.

2) What were your biggest stresses?

All in all I think we were extremely well prepared for the night and therefore had very few stresses. One of the biggest was fitting three bands onto the bill and getting everyone a fair sound-check, and on stage at the correct time. The night went well and we had a great team, both from our side and at Islington Assembly Hall. In hindsight everything seemed to run very smoothly indeed.

3) How did you think the night went? Was it all worth it in the end?

All the production team, and team DeLooze plus the other support bands Death Rattle & Heart-Ships had a great night, and we had lots of positive feedback from the crowd and industry. Yes there were a few things that possibly could have changed, but this is always the case, and we will keep striving for perfection. It’s always worth it.

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