The GigSlut Chronicles Vol. 3 – A Crazy July

It’s been a wild few months on the BandWagon, with all sorts of exciting stuff that we  can’t wait to share with you. Whilst all of that gets finalised, let us fill your excfitemnt gap with a couple of things. First off, BandWagon is hosting StageTime in Edinburgh this year. Stagetime is a one day convention exploring the art of live music performance, bringing together bands and artists, managers, label people, A&R and other experts from across the music industry

An because we love you so much, have a free bumper edition from your favourite Freegan Gig Monster the inimitable Roger Mairlot, otherwise known as… The GigSlut!


1st July

Yesterday I managed to get to Hampton Court for the earlier train at 17.35 and decided there was time to shop. So went and found 3 iced buns, 2 mini Bakewells, 3 veggie packs and 6 rolls. Moved on then to the Macbeth for Bec Sandridge at 7, but with the doors locked I chatted to Homeless Henry who seems to be doing better in the world.

When I got in: no Bec, no Russell.

Move on ! Bussed to Isl.Academy to check times for Lydia Lunch, then to Old Queens Head for 1 minute of Maud in Cahoots. Anyway ,had to go back ,and no re-entry to Academy this week. Stashed the food and then a girl asked where the Academy was, so I took her along.
She got straight in. I took longer-don’t ask!
Listening to Das Fluff, a tap on my arm. Sarah has found me, and her friend has not turned up. She has a drink, tops it up from a hip flask and is blotto pretty quickly. She’s quite heavy,too, as I ended up with her hanging round my neck and holding her up. She was almost gone by Lydia Lunch, and was removed by security. I went with her to try to explain I hadn’t actually taken her or got her drunk. I was nearly removed myself! The violinist from Cesarians said she could see what happened and told me Sarah had been cabbed home in a passed out state.
I left about 23.10 and took a 205 to Euston, 10 to H’smith, 00.20 33 to Richmond, and got R68 Angie, who enjoyed my story too!
She liked the witches hat I’d found. Home 01.15.
Bored, never!


3rd july

I believe I have some more Sluttettes on board, my chums!
I slutted out last night to Supajam’s Gibson night at Bloomsbury Bowling lanes to see lots of fiends, including Clockwork Era’s Catherine Gray x, Jason Lipscombe, Drop out Venus,featuring the lovely Iva Moskovich x and Zaek Nakrivo, then Novella, betterer every time I see them. I saved my eardrums from Old Forest and moved on to The Windmill, Brixton. Took over 40 mins but it was worth it, if just to hear Simon of Oh! Gunquit shout out “Roger’s here!”


4th july

Ok my fans.
Last night I went to Royal George on the wrong night Zoe Konez! and can’t do tonight!! Oh, wot a fool.
Found about 30 ukelele players doing “I’m a believer!” not good.
Retreated to deliver blackcurrants, NOT raspberries, to Russell John Swallow in Angel.
Heard as much as poss.before moving on to hear a new band to me at The Goeorge Tavern -September Girls.
En route to which, I found two waifs heading inthe wrong direction, Slutfans Karen and Thomas. We got there at 21.20 for a reunion with Tender Trap, who also were playing, to my joy.
All courtesy of Beautiful Strange’s Leigh Ecclestone,Ta.
Left with Slut Francisco Gomez and walked to East grinstead or rather,Aldgate East,grabbed a H’Smith and City line to H’Smith,entertained a music fan on board,and then decided to go for 33 bus and met bus buddy Laureen de Baer and her friend Elena,a very nice italian.
We all had a nice chat and I left them at Twickers and stayed on for Teddington and R68 Roman who told me it’s 37 degrees in Poland.Home 01.15
A quiet night in tonight ?


5 July
Sluttettes ahoy ! that’s you,now,Suey Sue,get in line !
Last night I could only manage 3 and a half gigs.
At 19.15, I saw Bec Sandridge play a very nice set At Leon’s .Spitalfields.
Then I slutted along for a 15 minute fix of ARP Attack in the Hoxton Bar.
Then to Der Kirche I settled down for a 35 minute set by MADAM,a beautiful set in a beautiful setting.
Almost certainly going to be gig of the month, give or take another 27 bands or so!


Sat 7th July
Right you herberts.Last night I went out to Power’s Bar,Kilburn.
At 21.00 I was still early,of course.
The only ray of brightness was that I could chat to and hear Jess Mason-Wilkes of Martha Makes Mistakes.xx
Very nice .I also heard 2 sets by Kill Me.
Ok ,but I really was waiting then to see,Rachel Emma D’Arcy,who was coming ,so someone told me.Then when I asked later ,not coming!
A guy called Alex said she was always late ? !
Ha. So I left at 23.25 in the rain.If I’d left 10 mins earlier ,I’d have got the last overground to Richmond and got an extra hour’s sleep.
The travails of being The Gig Slut !!!!
I try but do you ?
I grabbed any 2 buses and arrived at Paddington,having opted for trains for speed.Well,I was in Paddington,I think the bus dropped me about 15 miles away ! I assiduously followed the signs but could not find the b.station.Too wet and dark to look at my bus map.
Very wet ,I found Lancaster Gate,and got to Shepherd’s Bush,grabbed a 72 bus to Barnes and picked up a 33 to Teddington,where I got the last R68 to be home by 01.35.
The only good thing was that I wore a jacket which could cope with being wet.If it had been a wool one, I’d've been weighed down and smelling of wet wool.


Monday 9th July
Last night,dear Slutfans I went to See Lianne La Havas.I got VIP treatment at Rough Trade-no queuing or wristband needed !
Said hello to Lianne who was glad I went.I’d met her earlier this year at The Social ,and she said she’d taken my previous comments on board and thought about them-Oh,dear !!
I felt duty bound to go check her out again and she played a lovely set,so there you go !
Moved on after that back to Waterloo to Woodburner,a shambolically run Big Top sort of thing.I got in after some trouble.( I dug a tunnel ). I wanted to catch up with The lovely Lucy Rose.
She played a wonderful set, Lucy Parton.So nice to hear those familiar songs again and some new ones.
Chatted to Steven Sutherland.His first time to hear her.My 19th ?
I then saw Lucy’s Sluttette sister,the equally lovely Kate Parton,along with Stella.Kate says I’m back in the fold ,but who left the gate open ? ! I think Kate makes a lovely sheep dog xxx
After that at 22.45,I went forth and Shopped !!
No 4 bus,bread and ciabatta from M+S.
Many bananas,more bread,Pittas,choccy pastry and 2 packs sarnies form Tesco’s.
Grabbed a 243 back to Waerloo.Down and out turned sarnies down,but not Francis Booth,who found The Freegan Crusader on the 23.58,but he would only take 1 Banana and pitta breads !
Enjoyed the chat,thanks.
Got R68 Bob who took 2 loaves,and a sarnie.Home 00.55


12th July
Dear Prunesquallor and Slutfans.
A 3 and a half gigger last night.It unfolded thus:
I went first to Rough Trade to see Polica.Good to see 2 drummers,always.I didn’t think the songs were that strong,but still.
Then I went on to Folies a Deux ,put on by my dear friend Clara Daisy Cowan,who was very kind to me as always and let me live !x
Saw Sarah Johns.Met sister Lauren,and Louisa,too.Chatted to Douglas Dare.
Moved on about 20.55 to Maxima, way out at Bow Road .
A very nice bus Garage there,too.
Saw half a set by another dear friend Jade Indiana Hopcroft.,with Victoria Ferguson,singing too.Such nice voices.xx
Chatted to that nice Amy Morrice,surely a Sluttette ? xx
Moved on ,in the rain ,for a change,in 40 minutes,to The Wheelbarrow.I was in time to see Frankie Teardrop,with my previously unmet friend Carling Holly Vail x I wanna hear more singing by Carling !!!
Met Mila,and also was spotted by another Sluttette,to my joy,the lovely Kitty Til,looking splendid,Congrats on results xx
Talked for far too long and retreated at 23.55 to not be able to make Waterloo in time and went via a disgustingly retarded service to H’Smith,and just made a late running 33 bus to Teddington,from which,I was picked up,as is my wont,by Monica,to be home by 01.15.
I had asked for info on the platform at Leicester Square,and had such a cheeky person ,who suggested I take a bus.If I ever caught him I, would defenestrate him !


14th July
Saturday dear Slutfans : I went out at 16.00 and went to The Shacklewell Arms and saw Playlounge,Orca Team,Joanna Gruesome,and SHRAG ! featuring Helen King who bathes her feet in beer ! All really good.I did enjoy chatting to Helen and also Jessica from Orca Team.They had a good ,different sound ,and Jessica had a nice little dance,which I liked !
It finished early,about 22.20. So my cunning plan was to pop round the corner to the Nest to see Severin.This was running late,but I managed to chat to Beth and Danny Sanchez,before hearing them play.
I had been pleasantly accosted by 2 drunk girls at Canada Water,who didn’t quite know where they were going.They did seem to want to imbibe even more drink and invited me along .I said I was going home for tea,thank you,and I did!


15th July
Yesterday, My Sluttettes, I made it to the Shacklwell Arms for 13.45 to hear most of Dead Rabbits. This was an all dayer by Keith Milla, thanks.
My favourite bands were here: Bonfire nights featuring Nicole Hoaran,Dark Bells,Lola Colt and Dark Moon, featuring Lola Maybellene, with gong ! xx
I also liked Underground Youth.
At 22.10 in a vain attempt to get to Finsbury park to see 2 of my other friends play: Lucy Kitt and Sophie Jamieson.Both Dalston Stations were shut and by then it was 22.30 and I would only have got there to miss them play.
Reluctantly I became sensible and gave up.
I grabbed a passing 243 and went forth to shop,being low on provisions for the coming week.I found 7 pints of milk,4 veggie salad things,some rolls,pork pies for mummy,and about 6 packs of chicken sandwiches,and 3 packs of rocket lettuce !!!
This is what powers the vegetarian Slut-the secret is out.Rocket lettuce !!!!
19th July
Well,my dear Slutfriends,last night I endured a set by Charlotte Gainsbourg.It was b.hard work,I thought. After 15 mins I wanted out but it was a little late to try for Gem and the Deadheads,Tristan Ivemy,Maria Hayden and Minxy McNaughty ! They would have been much better for me,but I have to take chances.You can’t win ‘em all. Thank goodness there was a curfew. You must all have had the experience at some point of just longing for a gig to finish,and getting a long set instead.
I decided to hang on in the hope things might improve, and they did ,minimally,she did 2 good songs,one of which was a cover! “Ashes to Ashes”.There were 3 other half decent songs,but that’s it.
Luckily I had previously enjoyed immensely,Iva Moskovich and Zaek Nakrivo as Drop Out Venus,a band I know well.
They did not disappoint in any way.There was some silly shouting from the crowd,but I’m sure they gained new fans.
I could have taken a long set from them.They should have been top act,defo.
Now to organise my 7 gigs for tomorrow night…#
24 July

Last night, I only missed 2 songs by Honeyblood, who were very good
Stayed on to hear most of Novella’s set,bar the last song,and went back to the Lamb for the lovely Roxanne de Bastion !
She played on her own and then with a fledgling band.
All very nice.I hadn’t found any freegan flowers but ,instead gave her some of my plums which I’d taken along,organic ,too !
I keep finding I’m wearing a hat indoors.I’m protecting my head and forget I have it on ,but I hate hats.I like to feel the wind through my scalp.
28 July

Again in a sweat to Rough Trade for 19.15 to luckily only miss 2 songs in a lovely set by Peggy Sue. Rough Trade are good to me.
Moved on to The Gallery Cafe where we just caught 2 songs by Anna Lena and Douglas Dare. Sounded good to me, guys, sorry for being late !
Also saw and enjoyed Isobel Anderson and Ruby Colley,then Bec Sandridge,then Young Romance,I last saw them at a bus stop in Twickers about 2 or so years ago.They haven’t aged a bit !
I’m gonna tag Rose Keeler-Schäffeler,so her old fart friend can wonder again why I write all this ! She can block me if she wishes.
A lot of people srangely like all this,that’s why i do it.
If you don’t understand/like it ,don’t read it !!!


30 July

Last night went via R68 Bob to Hampton Court,gave him plums.On to Rough Trade.Doorman Feri thought I was pulling a knife on him,but it was more plums that I used to attack him ! Saw a good set from Kyla La Grange.I think she’s good.
Popped next door to 93 Feet East,on Fran’s suggestion and saw Tara Minton ,a harpist,sounded good.
I don’t know how Fran’s gonna be.I gave him a punnet of plums,but he ate most of it,and I ate some too,so none left for him to take home.
Too many may have a certain effect !
Tmorrow night The Slut tour goes to Oxford.
Savages watch out ….>
31 July

Out early yesterday for the Sluts Tour going to Oxford !
In a very smart new motor we partook of tea and arrived around 20.20 at The Jericho Tavern. I was grateful for the chance of a recce,as I plan to go there Friday for the great Anais Mitchell. We saw Palma Violets, quite good but not “the greatest band I’ve ever seen” as some drunk girl thought and shouted.
Out of the 400 or so bands seen this year? (wild guess, that) – no.
Anyway then we saw the ever excellent Savages, featuring Jehnny Beth, Gemma Thompson, Ayşe Hassan and that drumming phenomenon Fay Milton, who is just sooo good.
Top performance by you all, girls, most def.
Decided to maybe extend our Slut Tour to Brighton 7th Aug!
Oooh, I’m getting so sycophantic, even wore The T-shirt!
I met there a Slut Follower who may be Sophie Marfell ?
Become a Sluttette, Sophie!!! Oh,Do,please.,.>? ;[
We left around 23.20 and Neil kindly drove us back to Shepherd’s Bush.
I got a 72 and then the 33 to get a 285 and walk home by 02.10.
You see the time we idiots invest in music.
Out 10 hours, for approx 1 hr 30 of music, but no regrets.
That’s what The Gig Slut does – it’s a job – the best.
Top 35 bands at the moment
Her Majesty
Blindness,Coldin Berlin
Dignan Porch
Two Wings
Hella Better Dancer
Jharda Walker,Anais Mitchell Anaïs Hahn,Olivia Chaney
Golden Fable,Blue on Blue
Catherinene AD
Jamie Doe,Foe
Martha Makes Mistakes
Roxanne De Bastion,Firefly
Something beginning with L
Dark Bells,Choo Choo Trains,Happy Club
Theoretical Girl,Kirstenana,Jess Jess Bryant
Trixie Whitley,Lucy Lucy Kitt,Zambri,Emily Barker,
Jessie Moncrieff,St.Saviour,Sissi,Camille Camille Delean,and
Josienne Clarke


by Roger Mairlot

edited by Robert Neumark-Jones

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